Discover Khmer Amok
Discover Khmer Amok
Discover Khmer Amok

Amok Restaurant

Siem Reap - Cambodia

Amok restaurant first opened its doors back in 2004 and proudly takes its name in honour of one of Cambodia’s most traditional food specialties. We provide the most extensive Amok experience in Siem Reap and have the widest range of Amok dishes available. Our recipes are all sourced from various provinces throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. If you want to discover the traditional flavours of Khmer cuisines, then Amok is the place to come!

We are located in front of the Old Market, just off the famous Pub Street. We are situated in an old colonial style building which we have decorated in a traditional Cambodian manner. On one side you can watch the people coming and going from the Old Market. On the other side, you can sit in the pedestrianised area of the Alley West. We have convivial seating for you to feel at home.

What is Amok?

Amok refers to the process of steam cooking a curried dish in banana leaves. The name is then used for the resulting dish. Amok is a national dish in Cambodia, but it’s also popular in neighbouring Thailand and Laos.

It’s a thick soup often cooked with fish (but other meats and vegetarian options are also available). The most commonly served types of Amok in Cambodia include fish, chicken or beef. It is often eaten with rice, but is sometimes served with bread.

Traditional Cambodian Food

We are located in the heart of Siem Reap, opposite the famous Old Market and on the Pub Street Alley. We decided to name our restaurant after the famous Khmer dish because we are the place to discover the traditional Khmer Amok in Siem Reap.

Not only will you get the opportunity to sample traditional Cambodian cuisines, you’ll also be able to try other Amok recipes from other provinces in Cambodia such as Battambang and Sihanoukville.

Here at Amok Restaurant, we take hygiene seriously. We respect the highest standards of hygiene and only use fresh homemade products and ingredients.

To allow our guests to feel part of the whole process, we have an open kitchen where you can see our team hard at work preparing delicious Khmer dishes everyday!

Enjoy a meal in this cozy and friendly atmosphere. You can set over looking the popular Old Market or the hustle and bustle of the Pub Street Alley West.

Not only do we serve traditional Khmer cuisine, but we serve it in a traditional Khmer setting. Our building is registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

You’ll get a feeling for what life was like in the past for Cambodians and we’re sure that you’re going to love our food, our great service, and our historical setting.

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